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Capacity 1m3/h all-in –one Reverse Osiosis pure water machine

Capacity 1m3/h all-in –one Reverse Osiosis pure water machine

Capacity 1m3/h all-in –one Reverse Osiosis pure water machine


Product Description:

Reverse osmosis use enough pressure to separate solvent (rsrally it is water) of liquor through film lf reverse osmosis(or semi-permeable membrane),so it is called to reverse osmosis.Reverse osmosis.Reverse osmosis,ashigh efficient technology of desalting,can remove impunity such as inorganic ion,bacteria,virusmorganic substance and colloid etc in orginal water so that obtain high quality pure water.Reverse osmosis method that is bigger than pressure of penetration can be used to separate,extract,purify and concentrate according to different penetration pressure lf different materrial

Film Separates Technique And Characteristics:

WTRO-V series revese osmosis pure water equipment.This equipment remove the grain,impurity and colloid and residual chlorine tap water(well water)through reasonable and high efficient pre-treatment system,then remove microbe such as bacteria,virus andmost ion of heavy metal that is harmful to human body with separation technology of hi-tech.reverse osmosis film,which can directly used to wine to mix water of manufacture use.This pure water is appiled to food,dairy,all sorts of soft beverage and water prepartion of distilled spirit,beer and sherry.With the improvement of life quality and sanitary requirement,people bring forward high and high requirement of water quality for product such as all sorts of soft beveragh,food ,dairy and wine,especially for taste and sanitary standard.It not only keep the special prue and aromatic of beer and sherry,but reduce process of technics,save enerhy consumption,decrease cost.System is designed to functions such as automatic and manual wash,no water stopping,protection of high and low pressure and control liquid level.

Applied Realm:

★Food.The beverage profession is used water
Beverage,milk industry,make by fermentation to prepare to hang up to exchange with the water,low degree with the water,pure duaft beer to filter
★The bucket packs.The bottle packs drinking water
Drind pure water,natural water,natural water,mineral spring and mineral to rurn water
★Cure to use to make medicine profession to use water
Cure to rse to greatly lose aliquid,note an and bio-chemical product to use water and cure to use to have no germ water and artificial kidney Xi to use water
★The electronics industry is used water
Single crystal semi-conductor,integrated cicuit piece,show an elephant tube to use super pure water system
★The electric power profession is used water
The thermodynamic enerhy,thermodynamic power and boiler motive water supply system
★The chemical engineering profession is used water


1 according to the customer request, provide special design. 2 machine configurations to choose from. 3, according to the actual needs of customers to choose different models of mechanical parameters.




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